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We are featured in Curbed! Check out this month’s edition of “The Architect’s City:” “Making Architecture Better for Animals” by Julia Cooke (Thanks Julia!).



FeedBack Lab is a collaboration formed by artists Andrea Frank and Emily Puthoff from SUNY New Paltz, atmospheric sciences researcher Jeff Freedman from SUNY Albany, and architect Joyce Hwang from University at Buffalo SUNY and Ants of the Prairie. We are thrilled to receive a SUNY Arts & Humanities Collaboration grant to work with the town of New Paltz, NY as a case study for envisioning, planning, and initiating focused development of sustainable town-planning ideas. More updates coming soon!

For now, check out our interactive map of New Paltz here. Credit goes to Han Du (UB SUNY) for her GIS work. Thank you also to Josh Simons of the Center for Research, Regional Engagement, and Outreach (CRREO) at SUNY New Paltz for providing data.

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Joyce Hwang gives a keynote lecture at “Reinventing the Urban: Workshop on Habitecture for Wildlife,” a conference organized by the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto and the Department of Environmental Studies at York University. Thank you to Susan Ruddick for the invitation to be part of this event!

Habitecture Poster_letter

Image by Habitecture Workshop organizers


Performing Parks is a design collective formed by Quilian Riano of DSGN AGNC (Team Lead), Adeola Enigbokan of Archiving the City, Annie Barrett of Annie Barrett Studio, Greg Mihalko of Partner & Partners, Joyce Hwang of ANTS OF THE PRAIRIE and writer and oral history-based artist Sukjong Hong.

We are excited to be commissioned by the National Park Service (NPS) and the Van Alen Institute to help facilitate workshops, synthesize workshop findings and ideas, and develop a range of strategies to shape two new National Parks in the northeast region: Coltsville National Historical Park in Hartford, Connecticut and First State National Historical Park, a collection of seven sites throughout Delaware. Coltsville and First State present an opportunity to push beyond preconceptions of what national parks — and any park or public space — can be, and to reimagine how these places shape and impact our everyday lives. Read more about this project, “Living Histories Workshops: Imagining the Future of National Parks.

Living-Histories-Coltsville-Workshop sm

Photo by Van Alen Institute


Joyce is among 12 designers asked by Architect Magazine to forecast advancements in Architecture/Engineering/Construction. Check out “The Tech to Expect in Architecture in 2016.” Thanks to Wanda Lau for the invitation to contribute.


The Chicago edition of the Beyond Patronage Book Launch takes place at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries! Join us on December 1 starting at 5:30 pm! Featuring talks and a panel discussion with Ann Lui, Sean Lally, Amanda Williams, and Pablo Garcia. Co-organized and moderated by Joyce Hwang, Martha Bohm, and Gabrielle Printz.

This event is part of the Outside Design Exhibition, curated by Jonathan Solomon, and a Partner Program of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Chicago panel pic-600


Top photo by Iker Gil


The first Book Launch for Beyond Patronage takes place at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York! Join us on November 17, 2015 at 7 pm.

Armatures of Practices, Politics of Action” is a Live Drawing event that invites architects and designers to produce a “Diagram of Exchanges” to articulate and visualize the relationships that structure their practices and those that emerge from them. These diagrams identify the myriad of actors beyond the prototypical pair of the architect and the private client. They reveal the logistics and networks of work, and illuminate the politics that emerge from architectural action.

Protagonists are: Leah Meisterlin, Joel Brenden, Yutaka Sho, Stephen Zacks, Marika Shiori-Clark, and Quilian Riano. Respondents are: Erkin Özay, Juliette Spertus, and Linda Taalman. Event Co-Organizers and Moderators are Joyce Hwang, Martha Bohm, and Gabrielle Printz. 



Coming soon: Beyond Patronage: Reconsidering Models of Practice, published by Actar!

Co-Editors are Joyce Hwang, Martha Bohm, and Gabrielle Printz.  Contributors include: Despina Stratigakos, Stephanie Davidson, Hansy Better Barraza, Jon King, Micaela Barker, Linda Taalman, Joseph Swerdlin, Georgeen Theodore, Juliette Spertus, Robert Yoos, Natalie Jeremijenko, Lola Sheppard, Kim Dai, Yolande Daniels, Lori Brown. Joel Brenden is the book and cover designer. Many, many thanks to the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning and NYSCA for making this book project possible!
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We are excited to be a part of Outside Design, a collateral event of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, now open at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries in Chicago. Curated by Jonathan Solomon, SAIC’s Director of the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects, this show brings together five firms whose research-based work “develops new knowledge at the edges of design practice.” Ants of the Prairie is included along with Analog Media Lab (Urbana-Champaign), The Living and the Ali Brivanlou Lab (New York City), Species of Space (Chicago), and Sweet Water Foundation (Chicago).

New works commissioned for Outside Design include Habitat Wall, a prototype wall structure for bat and bird occupation; No Crash Zone, a “renovation” of a window in the Carson, Pirie, Scott building to address bird-window collisions; and The Expanded Campus, an on-going research project to document and map animal sightings and habitat conditions around the SAIC campus in Chicago.

On view until December 19, 2015.

Check out Outside Design’s website for more information and updated “field notes.”


Habitat Wall


No Crash Zone


No Crash Zone


The Expanded Campus: Habitat Mapping Chicago



Artists Talks and Reception on October 1, 2015 at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries.IMG_0841


Now in-progress: We are exploring the presence of urban wildlife on the SAIC campus through an ongoing mapping project that focuses on animal sightings and potential habitat locations. We have identified points of interest around campus and are in the process of documenting them through the use of camera traps, as well as looking for evidence of animal occupation in existing surveillance footage. Check out some of the documentation we’ve collected so far! Video footage will be updated periodically, on exhibition as part of Outside Design, at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries in Chicago.

Special thanks to SAIC and Sullivan Galleries staff for making this research possible!




We are excited to present No Crash Zone, a temporary “renovation” of a window in the Carson, Pirie, Scott Building to make visible the logics of bird-strike prevention while still aspiring toward architecture’s preoccupations with the humanist subject. With a nod to the tiling pattern framing the building’s windows, the project aims to create visual noise through the deployment of graphic ornament, reconsidering its role beyond agendas of aesthetic composition.  The installation also taps into the fundamental construction of human vision by overtly referencing the one-point Renaissance perspective, as well as more contemporary optical tactics such as camouflage through pixilation.

No Crash Zone is a new work produced for Outside Design, an exhibition now on view at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries in Chicago.



Here are a few photos of our latest installation-in-progress. Habitat Wall is the first of three new works that we are producing for “Outside Design,” an upcoming exhibition at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sullivan Galleries. More soon!



Congratulations to the 9 winners of the 2015 Architect Magazine R+D Awards! It was an honor to have been on this jury with Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany and Steven Rainville/Olson Kundig Architects. Thank you to Wanda Lau for the invitation and for coordinating the process!


Joyce is honored to serve as a panelist for the 2016 NYSCA Independent Project Grants in Architecture + Design!