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Joyce Hwang is a recipient of the 2017 Urban Edge Award, a biennial prize organized by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Other Urban Edge Award recipients this year include Catie Newell, Olalekan Jeyifous, Fionn Byrne, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, and Aleksandr Mergold.  Joyce gave a public talk at UW Milwaukee on February 17, and paired with Fionn Byrne, she co-conducted workshops on adaptive reuse in February 2017, addressing this year’s theme,  “FROM WASTE TO WONDER: Working with What Remains.” On April 15, she will participate with all recipients in a symposium at UW Milwaukee, along with keynote speaker Walter Hood, events organizer Assistant Professor Nikole Bouchard, and her students. Read more about the Urban Edge Award in the Architects’ Newspaper.